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Naturally. Fertilize. Sustainably. Eco-effective organic fertilizers produced in Germany.

 HomeEco-effective organic fertilizers produced in Germany

Cresconia GmbH has set itself the target to preserve the soil fertility by producing ecological products in the form of organic natural fertilizers of the highest quality, which sustainably contributes to the improvement of the soil without using any chemical additives.

Natural plant fertilization today is both a commitment and an opportunity. Legal provisions on licensing requirements, limit values and other requirements are being continuously tightened for the common good.

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  • For healthy plant growth and high yields
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases the fertility and humus content of the soil
  • Improves the root penetration of plants
  • With long-term effect for several weeks
  • For natural, environmentally friendly fertilization
  • Rich in phosphate and having a high content of bound organic nitrogen
  • Produced by a DLG-approved process
Thanks, the fertilizer is a stunner!

Josefine, gardening association

My geraniums in the winter garden, but also outside are a feast for the eyes. Crescosan has produced this flower splendor.

Josefine M.

The most beautiful lettuce, since I´m gardening and without loss by wireworms! Will use Crescosan for the entire garden from on the coming Season. And thanks for the tip with the potato slices, which made sure that the wireworms did not cause any damage to the salad between the lettuce heads.

Ludwig H.

Many thanks for the great fertilizer Crescosan … our roses have never been so beautiful!

Manuela and Alexander

Very interesting product. We congratulate.

Science Center Weihenstephan

A stunner!


“Thanks, the fertilizer is a stunner! And without the earth not being renewed in spring!”
Josefine, gardening association

Crescosan receives FIBL certification


Our product Crescosan is now FIBL certified.

The Research Institute for Organic Agriculture FIBL has certified Crescosan and confirmed that our product complies with the guidelines for use in organic farming:
• List of resources in Germany resp. FiBL list of organic processing
• Ecovin Germany
• VO (EG) 834/2007

Video: Presentation of the MoRoPlant20 separation system


Video presentation from Flottweg SE, the company we are friends with, of the process we use for our natural fertilizer

At Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology, which took place in Hanover from November 10 to 16, 2019, the company we are friends with, Flottweg SE, presented its mobile animal dung separation system MoRoPlant20 for the first time. With this innovative process we obtain our valuable natural fertilizer Crescosan:

You can also find further information at: