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Naturally. Fertilize. Sustainably. Eco-effective organic fertilizers produced in Germany.


Innovative environmental technology

The production process of Crescosan® significantly relieves the environment and agriculture!

A newly developed physical separation process binds all the nutrients from the animal manure or fermentation residues without the addition of chemical ingredients, only with the help of natural raw materials, such as various starch products and rock meals, and makes them available as raw material for our high-quality, organic natural fertilizer.

The highly efficient production process achieves a 99% conversion of phosphate from the starting material to the fertilizer and a nearly complete conversion of the nitrogen to an organically bound form. This prevents the nutrient from being washed out of the soil, which massively relieves both, the environment and agriculture.

(From top left to bottom right: 1. A look into the inside of the mobile separation unit; 2. + 3. The resulting starting material for
Crescosan®; 4. The mobile separation unit in use on site).