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Naturally. Fertilize. Sustainably. Eco-effective organic fertilizers produced in Germany.

 CRESCOSANThe organic natural fertilizer. Innovative. Eco-effective. Bioactive.

CRESCOSAN® is a pure natural product of the highest quality standards, which preserves the ecology of the soil and contributes sustainably to its improvement. Due to its very high organic substance, it promotes the formation of humus in the soil and thus sustainably improves the soil structure. The soil activator is completely free from any chemical additives.

CRESCOSAN® is a universal fertilizer consisting entirely of pure animal manure (NPK 3,6-5,7-1,0) and being rich in phosphate, one of the most important ingredients in natural fertilization. A high content of bound organic nitrogen prevents the nutrient from being washed out of the soil.

CRESCOSAN® is the ideal universal fertilizer and is suitable with its 3 in 1 function as a soil conditioner, soil improver and starting fertilizer for the growth of ornamental plants, fruit, vegetables and lawn.

CRESCOSAN® has a long-lasting effect and provides a depot effect in the soil that lasts for several weeks. In addition, the long-term fertilizer can be processed year-round. The pellets have a good water holding capacity and are able to take up water with double or triple the amount of their own weight.

CRESCOSAN® is very easy to process, low-dust and, thanks to its pellet form, extremely safe to use. Due to thermal processing, the dried pellets are hygienic, odourless and free of weeds.

CRESCOSAN® is a quality product “Made in Germany”. We solely use raw materials produced by German farmers.

CRESCOSAN® is produced by means of a process recognized by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), which has received the gold medal from DLG for this purpose.

CRESCOSAN is FIBL certified and corresponds to the guidelines for use in organic farming:
List of resources in Germany resp. FiBL list of organic processing, Ecovin Deutschland and VO (EG) 834/2007

For an effective use and optimum refinement of natural residues from agriculture.

For sustainable fertilizers based on natural ingredients and healthy plant growth.

For the maintenance of healthy soil and the protection of our drinking water thanks to binding of nitrogen without the washing out effect.

For a natural, low-emission and environmentally conscious farming.

For agriculture with innovative, recycable material processes.

For fertile soil, optimally supplied plants and high yield without chemical additives.

For the best possible solution for everyone involved.

For us all.
For healthy food.

Thanks, the fertilizer is a stunner!

Josefine, gardening association

My geraniums in the winter garden, but also outside are a feast for the eyes. Crescosan has produced this flower splendor.

Josefine M.

The most beautiful lettuce, since I´m gardening and without loss by wireworms! Will use Crescosan for the entire garden from on the coming Season. And thanks for the tip with the potato slices, which made sure that the wireworms did not cause any damage to the salad between the lettuce heads.

Ludwig H.

Many thanks for the great fertilizer Crescosan … our roses have never been so beautiful!

Manuela and Alexander

Very interesting product. We congratulate.

Science Center Weihenstephan


Convince yourself of the quality of our natural fertilizer CRESCOSAN.

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